The AltaMed Action Fund State PAC supports elected officials and candidates who fight for healthcare access for all and the reduction of health disparities and oppose those who put up barriers to healthcare access. With an expected onslaught of healthcare legislation, AltaMed Action Fund State PAC will serve as a vehicle to ensure politicians are elected who support our important work in the community.


AltaMed Action Fund and AltaMed Action Fund State PAC’s recent success are:

  • Helping to collect a million signatures to qualify tobacco tax ballot initiative for the November ballot and working with Save Lives California to pass it.
  • Lobbying for AB 2782 to tax sugary-sweetened beverages.
  • Support politicians that will fight with us to improve healthcare for the underserved.

Yes on 56

Take a stand against Big Tobacco Help improve healthcare and save lives in California by supporting a $2 tax-increase per pack on the price of cigarettes.